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Mum's (or Dads/Carers) and Babies Voice Yoga begins soon!

Having to balance being a mother and my work has it's challenges and it is most definitely a work in progress! But over the summer, I had a revelation. What if I stopped trying to juggle both things and instead tried to fuse the two together? As in, rather than trying to plan my next Voice Yoga session with my mind half focused on entertaining my 8 month old, why not just DO some Voice Yoga with her instead?!

Well, I tried it out and, whilst of course I had to adapt what I do in a normal session, I found that exploring my voice with my baby was stimulating for the both of us. Not only that, but it soothed us both too and was a really bonding experience. We communicated through abstract sound making, we mirrored each other, we had a conversation in music, we connected our spirits. And what's more, it inspired me to compose some new children's songs and lullabies that I am looking forward to sharing with you.

So, this is how Voice Yoga for Mums & Babies was born and I'm delighted to announce that the first half term of sessions will begin on Thursday November 12th at 11am. The sessions will involve: story telling, creating sound effects, learning new songs, realising the potential of your voice to soothe and connect deeply with your little one, vocal improvisation and more! It will also involve minimal screen time as once we have checked in, you will be able to move around freely with your little one, focusing on engaging in music together, guided by my voice.

I'm so excited to facilitate and share in this unique and magical experience with you and your beautiful budding Yoginis!

For any questions regarding the session content/how to book/age range etc, just send me a message via the contact form.

Looking forward to hearing from you...


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