How does it work? 

In normal times, Voice Yoga currently has a physical base in a converted chapel on the Welsh border, just a few miles from Presteigne. However, during this unprecedented period of pandemic, face to face classes are suspended and I am instead live streaming one-to-one and group sessions via Zoom.


For those unable to commit to more than one class at a time, each group session is charged at a ‘pay as you go’ or drop in rate of £10.00 a session. I also offer an initial half price taster session. For those happy to commit to classes on a regular basis, it is possible to book a half term's worth of sessions at a discounted rate of 6 sessions for £48.


Sessions at the chapel will begin with a check in over tea that people are welcome to join at anytime in the half hour before the session begins. The session will then last for an hour. I am happy to discuss anything that may arise with you in the session after it finishes but we do not talk during the session in order to maintain the sacred peaceful and focused atmosphere - we only listen and sing!


For the online sessions, I will be online from half an hour before the session begins to meet people, introduce new members and check in with regular attendees. It is up to you whether you join this. Either way, the one hour long session begins after this introductory half an hour. I will also be available after the sessions to answer any questions or discuss anything that may have arisen for anyone during the session.


Group Voice Yoga classes are currently every Tuesday 6 - 7pm and Mums & Babies every Thursday 11am - 12pm.


I also offer one to one Voice Yoga sessions and vocal training for £45 per session.

********* To book a session please contact me via the CONTACT page *********