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Why practice Voice Yoga? 

When we sing, we vibrate. In fact, even when we don't sing, we vibrate. We are made up of vibrating molecules. However, there different levels on which you can vibrate -depending on the frequency of your vibrations. For example someone who sits in an office all day, silently typing and then goes home and watches T.V. all evening whilst eating unhealthy food will vibrate on a lower frequency than someone who gives out more energy in a day; someone who nourishes themselves with healthy food, stimulating activities and connecting with other people's positive energies through socialising or engaging in activities that encourage connection to their own positive energy e.g. yoga, arts. We are like an active mountain stream. As it flows down the mountain, it gains speed and energy so the power and frequency increases. Flora and fauna grow and thrive along the waters edge as each is fed by the energy of the stream. When the stream reaches the bottom, it may join with other streams so that the energy grows collectively and further amplifies it's frequency. There is the potential to become a mighty river. 

But if the stream gets trapped by fallen rocks, then it stops flowing and starts to evaporate. It loses its energy and becomes stagnant water. Plants die and animals stay away for there is no longer a source of nourishment in the water.  

When we sing we immediately raise the frequency of our vibrations which is why singing has been scientifically proven to have healing effects. We release serotonin when we sing, we make ourselves vulnerable when we sing - a process that, although can feel scary, is always profoundly rewarding, we express ourselves when we sing and we remember who we are. And when we sing together? Well, then there is a whole new level of frequency for us to experience!



So what are the benefits of Voice Yoga? 

- Singing releases endorphins that improve mental wellbeing. Therefore Voice Yoga is a natural anti-depressant. 

- You will learn to access the full potential of your breath. You need to master your breathing to sing to your full potential. By anchoring your focus in your breath, you will clear your mind and soothe yourself. This has a dramatic effect on reducing even the most acute cases of anxiety.


- Singing is a workout: It improves your posture, strengthens your diaphragm, stimulates your blood circulation and improves your aerobic capacity to give you greater stamina!


- Voice Yoga is accessible to anyone of any fitness level - including those who are unable to move due to injury or physical disability. 


- Singing improves mental alertness, memory and concentration. This is due to the improved blood circulation that comes with singing - an oxygenated blood stream will allow more oxygen to reach the brain.


- Voice Yoga provides stress relief by releasing stored muscle tension and decreasing the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in your blood stream. According to research carried out at University of Frankfurt, singing has even been proven to strengthen the immune system! To check out the study click here

- Voice Yoga will help you sleep better. By focusing on the physical sensation of your voice, you will calm your busy mind. This process will help you wind down in the evening and prepare your body for a deeper more replenishing sleep. 


- Voice Yoga will improve your listening and communication skills.


- Voice yoga will improve your musical ear: the ragas that you will learn may introduce you to an unfamiliar sound world. The process of interacting within this new musical environment will expand your musical awareness.


- Voice Yoga will boost your confidence. As you get used to freeing your voice in the supportive, non intimidating environment we cultivate for all our sessions, not only will your confidence in singing grow but your overall self-esteem will bloom also.


- Voice Yoga is not only therapeutic, it is fun and creative too. The sessions are not rigid as with other forms of yoga where you must try to copy the instructor: Voice Yoga facilitates freedom of expression so that you leave every session feeling that you have celebrated your own special uniqueness.


- Voice Yoga stands alone as a both physically and spiritually rewarding practice that you can do anywhere and at any stage of your life. It will also compliment any other yoga practice that you may have already established.

Most importantly, Voice Yoga will bring you home. It will provide you with a new, beautiful way of connecting you with yourself.


Do I need to have any singing experience?

Not at all! Voice Yoga is not about egos. We are not interested in who can sing the loudest or the highest, it is about singing in an environment that is without judgement or expectation. You are encouraged to sing with your eyes closed, with an empty mind and open heart. It is not about technique, it is about connection.


Is Voice Yoga always practiced in a group setting?

Voice Yoga can be practiced in larger groups and as a solo exercise. One-to-one sessions are offered by Olivia, please contact us to find out more.


Are you available to hire for retreats or events?

Absolutely, the beauty of Voice Yoga is that it can be practiced by anyone, anywhere! Please do get in touch if you would like Olivia to lead a session for you.

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