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Voice Yoga              for Grief


Over this 6 week course in an intimate group of maximum 10 people, I will share with you my process of using singing and ritual to find a healthy grief path - one that supports and honours your own unique experience. 

My process comes from navigating my own experience of painful loss. I share with you what worked for me and what I have found has helped many others too. 

Often in grief we can build a wall around ourselves and that can stop us from engaging in anything that exposes us, anything that connects us to the heart.  This is one of the mind’s protective devices but it isn’t helpful in the longer term for processing grief. 


Through our singing, we will gently work on dismantling this wall brick by brick so that we can allow lightness back in to our hearts. This will come more easily to some than others and can be a technique that you will go on using for months and years after the course finishes.


Nothing in this course is forced. You come as you are and go at your own pace with deep respect to the uniqueness of every individual’s grief journey. At the same time, we recognise and connect to the oneness of existing and grief being an integral part of what makes us human.


The course will include: an introduction to the practice of Voice Yoga, finding or 're-membering' your voice, being guided into how to improvise with your voice and release emotion that may be blocking you, learning healing songs and mantras, singing out what might be holding you back and inviting trust back in, gentle somatic exercises, curating your own bespoke deeply healing grief ceremony, learning how to use the voice as a tool to take a holiday from your mind as well as using it as a way to sit with and surrender to painful emotions as a way to move forwards through the ever evolving journey of grief and healing. 

All participants (except me) will be on mute whilst we are singing to prevent sound clashes and to ensure that no-one feels restricted by self consciousness. Sharing during the sharing circles will of course be optional and kept confidential. Any questions regarding any thing to do with the course, please don't hesitate to send me a message to organise a call for a chat.  

7 - 9pm GMT every Wednesday starting March 6th 2024. £220 or £200 early bird if you book before January 28th. Payment plans possible, just ask. 

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