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Voice Yoga              for Women

Goddess shrine, Tiruvannamalai

Are you a woman who feels disconnected from your voice?

Whether you are a trained singer or a complete beginner, I invite you to join me for my 6 week course - Voice Yoga for Women. We will be exploring:

  • How to find (or remember) your authentic voice

  • Reframing singing as a spiritual practice

  • Nurturing your wellbeing through establishing a deeper connection to your voice

  • Improving your confidence and communication skills

  • Vocal improvisation

  • How to compose your own mantra

  • How to still your mind and meditate with ease through vocal sounding

  • Connecting to your dreams and desires

  • Processing your emotions

  • Connecting to your truth - Deep down beneath the layers, what matters most to you?

  • How to ease anxiety and sleeping issues

  • Sanskrit mantras and ragas 

 In an intimate group of maximum 10 women, all on a quest to connect to their unique and beautiful voices and discovering how to use them to their full potential!

 7 - 9pm BST (GMT+1) every Monday starting June 1oth 2024. £220 or £200 early bird if you book before May 1st. Payment plans also possible - just ask.

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